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Peaced Together is a creative arts course for women - with a difference!  We believe in the importance of creativity for well-being.   Recent studies have shown that creativity is associated with positive emotion and well-being.  People report being happy and energised when they are engaged in creative endeavours, and being in a positive mood goes hand-in-hand with creative thinking.

Peaced Together offers five craft projects which are completed over ten weeks. Each craft activity takes two to three two hour sessions to complete and introduces simple but enjoyable activities which produce some beautiful pieces of work.  The principle behind the course is to use recycled materials - odds and ends that have been discarded or broken - and make them into stunning new pieces.  Each craft activity is themed, so that as we create we also explore a variety of topics which have relevance to women today.  The course is not focused on religious beliefs but on life affirming principles such as love, hope, thankfulness and peace. Each project helps the group explore topics such as beauty, peace with the past and positive choices.  It is open to women of all faiths or of no faith at all.

Course structure

We are able to take up to ten women on this course. There is a charge of £30 for materials for the whole ten weeks, but this can be paid in stages. To ensure everyone can benefit fully from Peaced Together, it is helpful if each person can commit to attending the whole course.

At each session, we use the time to look at a particular theme, discuss our experiences and then we get stuck into the craft activity. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, and there are volunteers on hand to offer help with craft activities if needed.


Peaced Together themes

The themes we look at include:

  • Broken not rubbish

  • Beauty

  • Thankfulness

  • Hope and courage

  • Love

  • Patience  and self-control

  • Choices

  • Peace with the past

  • Peace with the future.

Recording the journey

At the beginning of the course, participants are given a ‘Scrapbook Journal’ to help them creatively process thoughts and ideas from the sessions. The Scrapbook Journal is a personal project so each participant can decide whether to share it with others.

After the course

At the end of each course we hold a celebration and exhibition of the work that has been produced and participants are presented with a certificate.

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