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Our History

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Living Waters Lynton United Reformed Church grew from a small Congregational Church which was originally founded on Sinai Hill in 1850.  In 1903 the congregation decided to campaign to build a new church in a more central position.  Funds for both land and church were provided by Sir George Newnes, the wealthy publisher who at that time had a mansion on Hollerday Hill.  Apparently, he intended the church to be a memorial to his father, who had been a Congregational minister at Matlock Bath in Derbyshire.

The new church was opened in August 1904, with a schoolroom, now the church hall, being added in January 1931, the funds for which were raised locally .

In 1972 the Congregational Church in England and Wales joined with the Presbyterian Church in England to form the United Reformed Church, and in 1981 the Churches of Christ of Great Britain and Ireland also entered into union.  In 1998 the local Methodist church closed and the members of that congregation crossed Lee Road to join the Lynton United Reformed Church.

The  members recently decided to expand the Church's name to mark a new beginning and so it became Living Waters Lynton United Reformed Church in July 2019.  

With thanks to John Travis and Malcolm New for 'A Short History of the United Reformed Church Lynton' 1999

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