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Covid - 19

We are delighted to announce that we are open for morning worship on Sundays at 11.00 am.

  1. Please use hand sanitiser on entering. If you prefer to wash your hands there is an accessible toilet in the entrance to the church hall, with running hot water.

  2. Please check in using the QR code or write down your contact details on the form provided. Personal data will be kept for 21 days only.

  3. Please observe social distancing at all times. Should you wish to sit in a household or bubble, feel free to move the chairs, but please ensure that a space of at least 1 metre is left between your group and the next person/group.

  4. In case of emergency, exits are at the front of the building and through the vestry at the back.

  5. Wearing of masks in places of worship is mandatory. Exceptions are people leading and assisting with the service. This includes the choir. If you would like an extra level of protection, please ask the steward for a KN95 mask which protects the wearer as well as other people. Whilst the majority of our regular congregation have had two vaccines against Covid-19, we cannot vouch for casual visitors.

  6. We believe that music is an essential part of worship so we will be having worship songs and hymns, but we will limit the number and remove some verses.

  7. The choir will sit on chairs at the front of the congregation and will remain seated whilst singing. They will face away from the congregation. Communal singing is not yet permitted, but if you would like to join the choir please let Peter West know. The music group will face the congregation but at a distance. Words will be on the overhead projector to avoid handling paper.

  8. Communion is served on the fourth Sunday of every month. Bread is served in cubes and wine is taken in individual glasses. Please avoid touching any objects other than those which you are to use. In the URC, wine and bread are taken by the whole congregation at the same time.

  9. There will be no offertory during the service. Please leave your donations in the basket by the door as you depart. Thank you!

  10. At the end of the service, please move promptly to the church hall where refreshments will be available.

  11. When taking refreshments, please wear your mask to approach the serving area and then take your drinks to a table or outside. Masks can be removed when seated. When you have finished please leave your cups on the table where you have been sitting. Please remember to mingle only in groups of six or two households.


We do hope that our Covid security measures will reassure you as to your safety when in our Church buildings. Please help us by abiding by them - they have been developed in line with Government guidance and English law.

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