• Jacquey Newton

Social Distancing and Closeness to God

Week Beginning 22nd March

Hello everyone I thought that I would aim to write to you weekly (amongst other methods of communication) during this challenging time. I must admit that I have found the last few days very challenging personally. There have been moments when I have been afraid and tearful, felt guilty because we are on "holiday" and not doing anything!! But I have chosen to start writing out the Psalms.

I started on 20th March writing out Psalm 1 and there were several verses that really challenged my thinking and outlook.

"Oh the joys of those.... who delight in the law of the Lord; meditating on it day and night. They are like trees planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season. Their leaves never wither and they prosper in all they do." Ps 1:1a, 2-3

I felt that the Lord was saying to me, meditate, think about and dwell in my Word, the Bible, as that is like roots absorbing moisture and goodness from the stream, so I can absorb goodness and refreshment from the Lord. AS I did so, I felt the anxiety of the current time disappear. Yesterday I wrote out Psalm 2 and that one also seemed relevant for me today. The psalmist cries out that the nations want to free themselves "from slavery to God" but that the right response is to "Serve the Lord... Rejoice with trembling... Submit to God's Royal Son..." and this comes with a promise - "What joy for all who take refuge in Him!" I would like to encourage you to use this opportunity of social distancing to get closer to God. You can do this is many ways: Read scripture. You can start anywhere and read any amount, one verse, one chapter or whole chunks. At home group we had discovered the joy of hearing scripture read out loud. A couple of summers ago some of us read scripture out loud in the Valley of Rocks. You could say it aloud, indoors or outdoors. The most important thing is to read. Pray. There are many useful tips and books as well as Apps for our phones to help. But essentially prayer is just chatting to Jesus about what worriesyou, about what you are glad about, ask for strength, courage, perseverance etc. He really wants you to speak to Him. Also, I would encourage you to read widely and watch YouTube videos of other speakers and churches. As well as this, look at music for worship, as there is music to suit all tastes on YouTube. Watch videos. I would like to encourage you to watch this video by Dr Ed Smith. As we think about the coronavirus (COVID-19), it is important to take note of what we feel. Do we feel anxious, worried, scared, uncertain, depressed, angry or all of the above? Watch the video to hear Dr Ed's thoughts on what we should do during this difficult time.

Dr Ed Smith: “How does the virus make you feel?”

He brings some godly challenge to us in these times. I agree wholeheartedly with the message. Please do take the time to watch and reflect on what he is calling us to think about. Worship. Even though we are unable to meet together we can still worship our Lord who is worthy of our worship. Take time to worship the Lord, Here is a Youtube playlist of three songs to help with this: Lots of love to you all

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